Welcome to Capoeira Nago Miami



Capoeira is an afro-brazilian form which blends dance; martial arts, and acrobatics into one beautiful art like no other. This martial art was created by africans brought to Brazil from many parts of Africa as a mean of self-protection and a way to fight for their own freedom. During its early years, Capoeira was disguised as a dance in order to be practiced openly. Today, it is widely known and practiced in more than 60 nations around the world.

New to Capoeira?

Perhaps you have always wanted to try Capoeira and wondered if Capoeira was for you. Our mission includes: "Making capoeira accessible to people of all ages and abilities." By breaking the movements down into simpler, easier steps, without compromising the integrity of the art, we teach and serve our students, ages 4 years old to 99 years young.

Capoeira has a lot of benefits and can be practiced by anyone willing to learn step by step, with patience and accordance to their abilities.

Always remember that everything was hard before it was easy, don’t wait to start!  Come try a FREE introductory class. If you went online to search for classes take the first step and call 305 761 2287.